2015 Meeting

2015 Southwest Seminar

Click here to download the Program and List of Participants in pdf

*The seminar is free. Please make sure to register at https://thesouthwestseminar.org/annual-meeting/registration/


Thursday, 22-October

19:00 – 21:00    Welcome Dinner

Friday, 23-October

Main discussant: Susan Ramirez

8:00 – 8:30        Welcome and Introductions

8:30 – 9:25        Renzo Honores, “Licentiate Francisco Falcón and the Interethnic Legal Dialogues in the Early Colonial Andes”

Mark Lentz, Discussant

9:25 – 10:20      Sara Guengerich, “Interethnic Dispositions: Discourses of Native Nobility in Colonial Peru”

Teresa C. Vergara, Discussant

10:20 – 10:40    Coffee Break

10:40 – 11:35    Jessica Criales, “‘Religiosas Indias Puras’: The founding of the Convento de Cacicas in Oaxaca, 1742-1782”

Elizabeth Makowski, Discussant

11:35 – 12:30    Caroline Garriott, “Broken Bodies and Weeping Statues: Miracle Trials in 18th Century Peru”

Martha Few, Discussant

12:30 – 14:00    Lunch at Brazos Hall

14:30 – 14:55    Ignacio Martínez, “A Bad and Violent Friendship: Moral Outrage at the Edges of Empire”

Jay T. Harrison, Discussant

14:55 – 15:50    Carla Gerona, “Local Rhythms on East Texas’s Interethnic Borderlands before the Louisiana Purchase”

Francis Galán, Discussant

15:50 – 16:10    Coffee Break

16:10 – 17:05    Christopher Heaney, “From Malquis to Mummies: Balsam and the Preservation of Inka History”

Kevin Gosner, Discussant

17:05 – 18:00    Alex Hidalgo, “Three Days in the Dungeon: The Making of Lorenzo Boturini’s Mesoamerican Archive”

Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra, Discussant

19:30 – 21:30    Dinner


Saturday, 24-October

Main discussant: Susan Ramirez

8:30 – 9:25        Alcira Dueñas, “Tejiendo la textura de la ‘Nación Indica’: cabildo de naturales, microlegalidad y construcción del archivo indígena colonial”

José Carlos de la Puente, Discussant

9:25 – 10:20      Teresa Vergara, “‘Se debe distinguir la calidad, condición y naturaleza de la nación yndica’: la elite indígena limeña y su derecho al gobierno de la República de Indios (siglo XVIII)”

Alcira Dueñas, Discussant

10:20 – 10:40    Coffee Break

10:40 – 11:35    Sabrina Smith, “Cross-Cultural Contact in Spanish Colonial Cities: A Study on People of African Descent in Eighteenth-Century Oaxaca”

Anadelia Romo, Discussant

11:35 – 12:30    Octavio García, University of Arizona, “Interethnic Relations during the Atlantic Age of Revolution in Mexico and Central America through the Perspective of the Black Populations, 1750-1808”

Ryan Kashanipour, Discussant

13:15 – 18:00    Lunch & Excursion to the San Antonio Missions

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