The Southwest Seminar

2021 Meeting 

The Southwest Seminar Colonial Latin America invites proposals for the annual meeting in autumn 2021. The Southwest Seminar is a collaborative effort among specialists from across the American Southwest dedicated to promoting innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of colonial Latin America. This year, we invite scholars interested in conceptualizing colonial archives, both in theory and practice. We are particularly interested in works that take new approaches to the archive in terms of method and findings, as well as those that examine existing practices and shape understandings of the colonial period. We welcome works that work to foster greater engagement with archives as historically constructed institutions and as repositories for material and intellectual engagement. While we encourage submissions on this theme, proposals on other topics in colonial Latin America will be given full consideration. Please see the Call for Proposals available here.

In lieu of the traditional in-person seminar hosted in the American Southwest, the Southwest Seminar will collaborate with the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Arizona to host a day-long workshop in November 2021.


The Southwest Seminar on Colonial Latin America is pleased to announce a new book series in partnership with with Routledge Press called New Colonial Histories of Latin America.  The series will showcase innovative and original scholarship on Spanish and Portuguese colonial history, from forward-thinking approaches to transregional and transcontinental comparisons to novel empirical studies of local history.  Seminar participants, along with scholars of all ranks and backgrounds, are invited to submit proposals for monographs or edited volumes. For inquiries and information, please contact the co-editors Martha Few, Kevin Gosner, and Ryan Kashanipour.


The Southwest Seminar is a consortium of scholars and institutions dedicated to the study of colonial Latin America, with particular interests in innovative research on identity, labor, power, knowledge production, and violence. The seminar aims to foster collegial and convivial interactions among scholars of all levels generating new research and innovative approaches. The annual seminar meetings rotate each year among institutions in the American Southwest.

At the heart of the consortium is the annual two-day seminar that brings together ten scholars to present new scholarship and works in progress. The seminar is open to faculty, independent scholars, and advanced graduate students interested in colonial Latin America. The meetings serve as spaces to workshop ideas and drafts of larger projects among a diverse collection of colonial Latin Americanists. Each participant will present a pre-circulated, article-length work in progress and serve as the primary commentator for another participant’s paper. Leading, senior scholars help moderate and guide discussions through the seminar meetings. As a group, we promote and foster positive, productive, professional relationships between scholars of all ranks, backgrounds, and interests.

With the support of our generous member institutions, the Southwest Seminar will cover the costs of housing, meals, and events for those selected to participate.  For more information, please contact R.A. Kashanipour at or